Mahdi Karimi Carbon Nanotubes in Drug and Gene Delivery

Recent important discoveries and developments in nanotechnology have had a remarkable and ever-increasing impact on many industries, especially materials science, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. Nanocarriers have been investigated for a wide variety of different medical applications. Some examples of these nanocarriers include polymersomes, liposomes, micelles and carbon-based nanomaterials. Within this book, the authors describe different features of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), survey the properties of both the multi-walled and single-walled varieties, and cover their applications in drug and gene delivery. In addition, the book explains the structure and properties of CNTs prepared by different method, and discussed their isolation and purification. The future of CNTs in the field of biomedical science will depend on minimizing their adverse effects by careful study of their structure and properties.

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Marc Monthioux Carbon Meta-Nanotubes. Synthesis, Properties and Applications

Meta-Nanotubes are a new generation of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) which result from the chemical transformation of regular CNTs and their subsequent combination with foreign materials (atoms, molecules, chemical groups, nanocrystals) by various ways such as functionalisation, doping, filling, and substitution. These new nanomaterials exhibit enhanced or new properties, such as reactivity, solubility, and magnetism, which pristine CNTs do not possess. Their many applications include electronic and optoelectronic devices, chemical and biosensors, solar cells, drug delivery, and reinforced glasses and ceramics. Carbon Meta-Nanotubes: Synthesis, Properties and Applications discusses these third generation carbon nanotubes and the unique characteristics they possess. Beginning with a general overview of the subject, this book covers the five main categories of meta-nanotubes, namely: Doped Carbon Nanotubes Functionalised Carbon Nanotubes Decorated or Coated Carbon Nanotubes Filled Carbon Nanotubes Heterogeneous Nanotubes Providing unparalleled coverage of these third generation or meta-nanotubes, and possibilities for future development, this book is essential for anyone working on carbon nanotubes.

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Stephanie Reich Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon nanotubes are exceptionally interesting from a fundamental research point of view. Many concepts of one-dimensional physics have been verified experimentally such as electron and phonon confinement or the one-dimensional singularities in the density of states; other 1D signatures are still under debate, such as Luttinger-liquid behavior. Carbon nanotubes are chemically stable, mechanically very strong, and conduct electricity. For this reason, they open up new perspectives for various applications, such as nano-transistors in circuits, field-emission displays, artificial muscles, or added reinforcements in alloys. This text is an introduction to the physical concepts needed for investigating carbon nanotubes and other one-dimensional solid-state systems. Written for a wide scientific readership, each chapter consists of an instructive approach to the topic and sustainable ideas for solutions. The former is generally comprehensible for physicists and chemists, while the latter enable the reader to work towards the state of the art in that area. The book gives for the first time a combined theoretical and experimental description of topics like luminescence of carbon nanotubes, Raman scattering, or transport measurements. The theoretical concepts discussed range from the tight-binding approximation, which can be followed by pencil and paper, to first-principles simulations. We emphasize a comprehensive theoretical and experimental understanding of carbon nanotubes including – general concepts for one-dimensional systems – an introduction to the symmetry of nanotubes – textbook models of nanotubes as narrow cylinders – a combination of ab-initio calculations and experiments – luminescence excitation spectroscopy linked to Raman spectroscopy – an introduction to the 1D-transport properties of nanotubes – effects of bundling on the electronic and vibrational properties and – resonance Raman scattering in nanotubes.

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Guldi Dirk M. Carbon Nanotubes and Related Structures. Synthesis, Characterization, Functionalization, and Applications

Written by the most prominent experts and pioneers in the field, this ready reference combines fundamental research, recent breakthroughs and real-life applications in one well-organized treatise. As such, both newcomers and established researchers will find here a wide range of current methods for producing and characterizing carbon nanotubes using imaging as well as spectroscopic techniques. One major part of this thorough overview is devoted to the controlled chemical functionalization of carbon nanotubes, covering intriguing applications in photovoltaics, organic electronics and materials design. The latest research on novel carbon-derived structures, such as graphene, nanoonions and carbon pea pods, round off the book.

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Figueiredo José Luis Carbon Materials for Catalysis

This is the first comprehensive book covering all aspects of the use of carbonaceous materials in heterogeneous catalysis. It covers the preparation and characterization of carbon supports and carbon-supported catalysts; carbon surface chemistry in catalysis; the description of catalytic, photo-catalytic, or electro-catalytic reactions, including the development of new carbon materials such as carbon xerogels, aerogels, or carbon nanotubes; and new carbon-based materials in catalytic or adsorption processes. This is a premier reference for carbon, inorganic, and physical chemists, materials scientists and engineers, chemical engineers, and others.

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Группа авторов 2D Monoelements

2D Monoelements: Properties and Applications explores the challenges, research progress and future developments of the basic idea of two-dimensional monoelements, classifications, and application in field-effect transistors for sensing and biosensing. The thematic topics include investigations such as: Recent advances in phosphorene The diverse properties of two-dimensional antimonene, of graphene and its derivatives The molecular docking simulation study used to analyze the binding mechanisms of graphene oxide as a cancer drug carrier Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)-derived carbon (graphene and carbon nanotubes) and MOF-carbon composite materials, with a special emphasis on the use of these nanostructures for energy storage devices (supercapacitors) Two-dimensional monoelements classification like graphene application in field-effect transistors for sensing and biosensing Graphene-based ternary materials as a supercapacitor electrode Rise of silicene and its applications in gas sensing

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Malic Ermin Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes. Ultrafast Optics and Relaxation Dynamics

A first on ultrafast phenomena in carbon nanostructures like graphene, the most promising candidate for revolutionizing information technology and communication The book introduces the reader into the ultrafast nanoworld of graphene and carbon nanotubes, including their microscopic tracks and unique optical finger prints. The author reviews the recent progress in this field by combining theoretical and experimental achievements. He offers a clear theoretical foundation by presenting transparently derived equations. Recent experimental breakthroughs are reviewed. By combining both theory and experiment as well as main results and detailed theoretical derivations, the book turns into an inevitable source for a wider audience from graduate students to researchers in physics, materials science, and electrical engineering who work on optoelectronic devices, renewable energies, or in the semiconductor industry.

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Akira Suzuki Electrical Conduction in Graphene and Nanotubes

Written in a self-contained manner, this textbook allows both advanced students and practicing applied physicists and engineers to learn the relevant aspects from the bottom up. All logical steps are laid out without omitting steps. The book covers electrical transport properties in carbon based materials by dealing with statistical mechanics of carbon nanotubes and graphene – presenting many fresh and sometimes provoking views. Both second quantization and superconductivity are covered and discussed thoroughly. An extensive list of references is given in the end of each chapter, while derivations and proofs of specific equations are discussed in the appendix. The experienced authors have studied the electrical transport in carbon nanotubes and graphene for several years, and have contributed relevantly to the understanding and further development of the field. The content is based on the material taught by one of the authors, Prof Fujita, for courses in quantum theory of solids and quantum statistical mechanics at the University at Buffalo, and some topics have also been taught by Prof. Suzuki in a course on advanced condensed matter physics at the Tokyo University of Science. For graduate students in physics, chemistry, electrical engineering and material sciences, with a knowledge of dynamics, quantum mechanics, electromagnetism and solid-state physics at the senior undergraduate level. Includes a large numbers of exercise-type problems.

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Lu Chuang Enzyme Inhibition in Drug Discovery and Development. The Good and the Bad

The science and applied approaches of enzyme inhibition in drug discovery and development Offering a unique approach that includes both the pharmacologic and pharmaco-kinetic aspects of enzyme inhibition, Enzyme Inhibition in Drug Discovery and Development examines the scientific concepts and experimental approaches related to enzyme inhibition as applied in drug discovery and drug development. With chapters written by over fifty leading experts in their fields, Enzyme Inhibition in Drug Discovery and Development fosters a cross-fertilization of pharmacology, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, and toxicology by understanding the «good» inhibitions—desirable pharmacological effects—and «bad» inhibitions—drug–drug interactions and toxicity. The book discusses: The drug discovery process, including drug discovery strategy, medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, and safety biomarker assessment The manipulations of drug metabolizing enzymes and transporters as well as the negative consequences, such as drug–drug interactions The inhibition of several major drug target pathways, such as the GPCR pathway, the NFkB pathway, and the ion channel pathway Through this focused, single-source reference on the fundamentals of drug discovery and development, researchers in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) will learn and appreciate target biology in drug discovery; discovery biologists and medicinal chemists will also broaden their understanding of DMPK.

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Brian Grady P. Carbon Nanotube-Polymer Composites. Manufacture, Properties, and Applications

The accessible compendium of polymers in carbon nanotubes (CNTs) Carbon nanotubes (CNTs)—extremely thin tubes only a few nanometers in diameter but able to attain lengths thousands of times greater—are prime candidates for use in the development of polymer composite materials. Bringing together thousands of disparate research works, Carbon Nanotube-Polymer Composites: Manufacture, Properties, and Applications covers CNT-polymers from synthesis to potential applications, presenting the basic science and engineering of this dynamic and complex area in an accessible, readable way. Designed to be of use to polymer scientists, engineers, chemists, physicists, and materials scientists, the book covers carbon nanotube fundamentals to help polymer experts understand CNTs, and polymer physics to help those in the CNT field, making it an invaluable resource for anyone working with CNT-polymer composites. Detailed chapters describe the mechanical, rheological, electrical, and thermal properties of carbon nanotube-polymer composites. Including a glossary that defines key terms, Carbon Nanotube-Polymer Composites is essential reading for anyone looking to gain a fundamental understanding of CNTs and polymers, as well as potential and current applications, including electronics (shielding and transparent electrodes), flame retardants, and electromechanics (sensors and actuators), and their challenges.

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Carbon Nanotubes in Drug and Gene Delivery von Mahdi ...

Carbon Nanotubes in Drug and Gene Delivery von Mahdi Karimi, Amir Ghasemi, Soroush Mirkiani, Masoud Mousavi Basri (ISBN 978-1-68174-260-1) bestellen. Schnelle Lieferung, auch auf Rechnung -

Carbon Nanotubes in Drug and Gene Delivery, Karimi, Mahdi ...

Share - Carbon Nanotubes in Drug and Gene Delivery, Karimi, Mahdi 9781681742601 New,, Carbon Nanotubes in Drug and Gene Delivery, Karimi, Mahdi 9781681742601 New,, $71.02. Free Shipping. Get it by Thu, Oct 1 - Thu, Oct 8 from ; NY, United States • Brand New condition • 30 day returns - Buyer pays return shipping ...

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mahdi karimi. Iran University of Medical Science. Verified email at nanotechnology nanomedicine smart nanoparticles microfluidics drug and gene delivery. Articles Cited by Co-authors. Title. Sort . Sort by citations Sort by year Sort by title. Cited by. Cited by. Year; Smart micro/nanoparticles in stimulus-responsive drug/gene delivery systems. M Karimi, A Ghasemi, PS Zangabad, R ...


CARBON NANOTUBES IN DRUG AND GENE DELIVERY de MAHDI KARIMI. ENVÍO GRATIS en 1 día desde 19€. Libro nuevo o segunda mano, sinopsis, resumen y opiniones.

Mahdi KARIMI-NAZARABAD | PostDoc Fellow | PhD, Physical ...

Mahdi Karimi-Nazarabad Abolghasem Farhadipour New photocatalysts have been synthesized with inorganic clusters of polyoxometalates (POMs) and graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) under hydrothermal ...

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Mohammad Mahdi Karimi. Senior Lecturer and Group Leader in Bioinformatics at King's College London. Verified email at - Homepage. Bioinformatics Genomics Epigenomics. Articles Cited by Co-authors. Title. Sort. Sort by citations Sort by year Sort by title. Cited by. Cited by. Year; Vitamin C induces Tet-dependent DNA demethylation and a blastocyst-like state in ES cells . K Blaschke ...

Three-dimensional graphene foam as a conductive scaffold ...

Sajad Bahrami, Nafiseh Baheiraei, Majid Mohseni, Mehdi Razavi, Atefeh Ghaderi, Behnam Azizi, Navid Rabiee, and Mahdi Karimi. Journal of Biomaterials Applications 2019 34: 1, 74-85 Download Citation . If you have the appropriate software installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice. Simply select your manager software from the list below and click on ...

A Nano‐Fibrillated Mesoporous Carbon as an Effective ...

Mir Mahdi Abolghasemi, Babak Karimi, Vahid Yousefi, Hesam Behzadnia, Hossein Barzegar, Marzieh Piryaei, Ionic liquid-derived nano-fibrillated mesoporous carbon based on solid-phase microextraction fiber for the analysis of volatile organic compounds from aqueous solutions, New Journal of Chemistry, 10.1039/C5NJ00451A, 39, 8, (6085-6091), (2015).

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Mahdi KARIMI, Assistant Professor of Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran | Read 69 publications | Contact Mahdi KARIMI

Vapor Deposition with Fe/Al Multilayer Catalyst

Mahdi Karimi, Amir Ghasemi, Soroush Mirkiani, Seyed Masoud Moosavi Basri and Michael R Hamblin Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Introduction Recent important discoveries and developments in nanotechnology have had a remarkable and ever-increasing impact on many industries, in particular materials science, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. Nanocarriers have been investigated for a wide variety of ...

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Mahdi Karimi, Amir Ghasemi, Soroush Mirkiani, Masoud ...

Mahdi Karimi, Amir Ghasemi, Soroush Mirkiani, Masoud Mousavi Basri, Michael Hamblin: Carbon Nanotubes in Drug and Gene Delivery - Sprache: Englisch. (eBook epub) - bei

Review of Carbon and Graphene Quantum Dots for Sensing ...

Carbon and graphene quantum dots (CQDs and GQDs), known as zero-dimensional (0D) nanomaterials, have been attracting increasing attention in sensing and bioimaging. Their unique electronic, fluorescent, photoluminescent, chemiluminescent, and electrochemiluminescent properties are what gives them potential in sensing. In this Review, we summarize the basic knowledge on CQDs and GQDs before ...

Synthesis and Photochemical Applications of Processable ...

Herein, we propose convenient routes to produce hybrid-polymers that covalently enclosed, or confined, N-doped carbon quantum dots (CQDs). We focus our attention on polyamide, polyurea–urethane, polyester, and polymethylmetacrylate polymers, some of the most common resources used to create everyday materials. These hybrid materials can be easily prepared and processed to obtain macroscopic ...

Highly stretchable and sensitive strain sensors based on ...

Herein, we present highly stretchable and sensitive strain sensors based on carbon nanotube–polydimethylsiloxane nanocomposite films and systematically investigate the effect of environmental parameters (i.e., changes in temperature and relative humidity) on their strain sensing characteristics. The strain sensors possess a maximum gauge factor of around 10, stretchability of up to 60%, and ...

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Evaluating the traditional bread properties with new ...

Zahra Sheikholeslami, Maryam Mahfouzi, Mahdi Karimi, Toktam Hejrani, Mahdi Ghiafehdavoodi, and Masoud Ghodsi. Food Science and Technology International 0 10.1177/1082013220961777 Download Citation. If you have the appropriate software installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice. Simply select your manager software from the list below and click on ...

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics | UBC Biomedical ...

Mohammad Mahdi Karimi, Ph.D. Head of Bioinformatics, Biomedical Research Centre [email protected] 604-822-7805 The overall research objective of the Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Lab (CBBL) at the Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) is to develop and apply new bioinformatics methods to delineate and interrogate genetic and epigenetic regulatory networks, derived from analysis of high ...

Palladium on Ionic Liquid Derived Nanofibrillated ...

Mir Mahdi Abolghasemi, Babak Karimi, Vahid Yousefi, Hesam Behzadnia, Hossein Barzegar, Marzieh Piryaei, Ionic liquid-derived nano-fibrillated mesoporous carbon based on solid-phase microextraction fiber for the analysis of volatile organic compounds from aqueous solutions, New Journal of Chemistry, 10.1039/C5NJ00451A, 39, 8, (6085-6091), (2015).

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CpG Islands Shape the Epigenome Landscape Papin, C., Le Gras, S., Ibrahim, A., Salem, H., Karimi, M. M., Stoll, I., Ugrinova, I., Schröder, M., Fontaine-Pelletier, E ...

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Wald-MichelbachMahdi Karimi vom SKD Sakura Meuselwitz gewann bei einem der größten internationalen Karate-Turniere in Wald-Michelbach die Goldmedaille. Im Kumite-Einzel der U18 bis 76 Kilogramm bezwang er im Finale Aslan ...

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Mahdi Ghiasi: April 2019 August 2019 8: 4: 2: 2: 50.00: Mohsen Hassanzadeh: August 2019 December 2019 11: 5: 2: 4: 45.45: Vahid Ghiasi: December 2019 January 2020 9: 2: 1: 6: 22.22: Hossein Sabouri : September 2020 Present 0: 0: 0: 0! — Club officials. Position Name Owner: Rasoul Gholizadeh: Chairman: Rasoul Gholizadeh Chairman of the board: Ali Asghar Vismeei Member of the board: Mahdi ...

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Carbon nanotubes in drug and gene delivery [E-Book] / Ghasemi, Amir 2017 Other Authors: '; “... Karimi, Mahdi... ” Full Text. QR Code. Add to Favourites. Saved in: Select all titles on this page ...

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Advances in Nanomaterials for Drug Delivery (Taschenbuch ...

Advances in Nanomaterials for Drug Delivery, Taschenbuch von Mahdi Karimi, Maryam Rad Mansouri, Navid Rabiee bei Online bestellen oder in der Filiale abholen.

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Graphene growth with no intended carbon precursor feeding ...

Maryam Mirzaei, Seyed Mahdi Hedayat, Javad Karimi-Sabet and Jafar Towfighi Darain. In this research, we have investigated the unintended graphene nucleation problem and its damaging effects on monolayer graphene synthesis in low-pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) process. This problem is the growth of graphene on the copper surface with no carbon feedstock. A new source of undesired ...

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Behzad Asmar,Mahdi Karimi,foad nazari, ,Experimental and finite-element free vibration analysis and artificial neural network based on multi-crack diagnosis of non-uniform cross section beam , , ,2015 ,pp. 1-11 ,,Mahdi Karimi ,Prediction of J-Integral dependence to residual stress and crack depth on NACA 0012-34 using FE and ANN ,Engineering Solid Mechanics , ,2015 ,pp. 103-110 , Conferences ...

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Smart Internal Stimulus-Responsive Nanocarriers for Drug ...

Smart Internal Stimulus-Responsive Nanocarriers for Drug and Gene Delivery von Mahdi Karimi; Parham Sahandi Zangabad; Amir Ghasemi; Michael R Hamblin und Verleger IOP Concise Physics. Sparen Sie bis zu 80% durch die Auswahl der eTextbook-Option für ISBN: 9781681742571, 1681742578. Die Druckversion dieses Lehrbuchs hat ISBN: 9781681742564, 168174256X.

Binghe Wang Drug-Drug Interactions in Pharmaceutical Development

Drug-Drug Interactions in Pharmaceutical Development comprehensively reviews the relevant science, industrial practice, and regulatory agency positions on drug-drug interactions. It focuses on the evaluation of potential drug-drug interactions, allowing researchers to address risk factors before a drug is put to market. The book covers both clinical and nonclinical aspects for understanding drug-drug interactions as well as in vitro and in vivo studies for use in studying interactions at the drug discovery stage.

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Martín Nazario Supramolecular Chemistry of Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes

Collating our current knowledge and the latest developments for enabling breakthrough discoveries, this book focuses on the synthesis and applications of materials that are based on supramolecular assemblies of carbon nanostructures, with an emphasis on fullerenes and nanotubes. In so doing, it provides readers with an overview of the different types of supramolecular architectures, accentuating the outstanding geometrical, electronic and photophysical properties of the building blocks and the resulting structures. It makes use of basic concepts and real-life applications – from simple syntheses to complex architectures, from instructive examples to working experimental procedures, and from photophysics to solar cells. A large part of each chapter is devoted to the methods and possibilities of controlling and tuning these molecular assemblies in order to obtain working devices. Fascinating reading for materials scientists, organic chemists, molecular physicists, and those in the semiconductor industry.

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Zhou Honghui Drug-Drug Interactions for Therapeutic Biologics

Strategize, plan, and execute comprehensive drug-drug interaction assessments for therapeutic biologics Offering both theory and practical guidance, this book fully explores drug-drug interaction assessments for therapeutic biologics during the drug development process. It draws together and analyzes all the latest findings and practices in order to present our current understanding of the topic and point the way to new research. Case studies and examples, coupled with expert advice, enable readers to better understand the complex mechanisms of biologic drug-drug interactions. Drug-Drug Interactions for Therapeutic Biologics features contributions from leading international experts in all areas of therapeutic biologics drug development and drug-drug interactions. The authors' contributions reflect a thorough review and analysis of the literature as well as their own firsthand laboratory experience. Coverage includes such essential topics as: Drug-drug interaction risks in combination with small molecules and other biologics Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic drug-drug interactions In vitro methods for drug-drug interaction assessment and prediction Risk-based strategies for evaluating biologic drug-drug interactions Strategies to minimize drug-drug interaction risk and mitigate toxic interactions Key regulations governing drug-drug interaction assessments for therapeutic biologics. Drug-Drug Interactions for Therapeutic Biologics is recommended for pharmaceutical and biotechnology scientists, clinical pharmacologists, medicinal chemists, and toxicologists. By enabling these readers to understand how therapeutic biologics may interact with other drugs, the book will help them develop safer, more effective therapeutic biologics.

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Nuno Silvestre Advanced Computational Nanomechanics

Contains the latest research advances in computational nanomechanics in one comprehensive volume Covers computational tools used to simulate and analyse nanostructures Includes contributions from leading researchers Covers of new methodologies/tools applied to computational nanomechanics whilst also giving readers the new findings on carbon-based aggregates (graphene, carbon-nanotubes, nanocomposites) Evaluates the impact of nanoscale phenomena in materials

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Ekins Sean Drug Efficacy, Safety, and Biologics Discovery. Emerging Technologies and Tools

Drug Efficacy, Safety, and Biologics Discovery: Emerging Technologies and Tools covers key emerging technologies in pharmaceutical R & D and how they have substantially impacted (or are currently impacting) drug discovery. The cross-disciplinary collaborations implicit in integrating these technologies with drug discovery operations will fuel the engine for future innovations. This book cuts across the multiple areas of drug discovery, each chapter authored by pioneers in that field, making for a broad appeal to the chemical and biological scientists and technologists involved in drug discovery and development.

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Группа авторов Nanobiotechnology in Diagnosis, Drug Delivery and Treatment

Presents nanobiotechnology  in drug delivery and disease management   Featuring contributions from noted experts in the field, this book highlights recent advances in the nano-based drug delivery systems. It also covers the diagnosis and role of various nanomaterials in the management of infectious diseases and non-infectious disorders, such as cancers and other malignancies and their role in future medicine.  Nanobiotechnology in Diagnosis, Drug Delivery and Treatment  starts by introducing how nanotechnology has revolutionized drug delivery, diagnosis, and treatments of diseases. It then focuses on the role of various nanocomposites in diagnosis, drug delivery, and treatment of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, and many others. Next, it discusses the application of a variety of nanomaterials in the diagnosis and management of gastrointestinal tract disorders. The book explains the concept of nanotheranostics in detail and its role in effective monitoring of drug response, targeted drug delivery, enhanced drug accumulation in the target tissues, sustained as well as triggered release of drugs, and reduction in adverse effects. Other chapters cover aptamer-incorporated nanoparticle systems; magnetic nanoparticles; theranostics and vaccines; toxicological concerns of nanomaterials used in nanomedicine; and more.  Provides a concise overview of state-of-the-art nanomaterials and their application like drug delivery in infectious diseases and non-infectious disorders Highlights recent advances in the nano-based drug delivery systems and role of various nanomaterials Introduces nano-based sensors which detect various pathogens Covers the use of nanodevices in diagnostics and theranostics  Nanobiotechnology in Diagnosis, Drug Delivery and Treatment  is an ideal book for researchers and scientists working in various disciplines such as microbiology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical biotechnology, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, and nanomedicine.

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Yahachi Saito Carbon Nanotube and Related Field Emitters. Fundamentals and Applications

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have novel properties that make them potentially useful in many applications in nanotechnology, electronics, optics and other fields of materials science. These characteristics include extraordinary strength, unique electrical properties, and the fact that they are efficient heat conductors. Field emission is the emission of electrons from the surface of a condensed phase into another phase due to the presence of high electric fields. CNT field emitters are expected to make a breakthrough in the development of field emission display technology and enable miniature X-ray sources that will find a wide variety of applications in electronic devices, industry, and medical and security examinations. This first monograph on the topic covers all aspects in a concise yet comprehensive manner – from the fundamentals to applications. Divided into four sections, the first part discusses the preparation and characterization of carbon nanotubes, while part two is devoted to the field emission properties of carbon nanotubes, including the electron emission mechanism, characteristics of CNT electron sources, and dynamic behavior of CNTs during operation. Part three highlights field emission from other nanomaterials, such as carbon nanowalls, diamond, and silicon and zinc oxide nanowires, before concluding with frontier R&D applications of CNT emitters, from vacuum electronic devices such as field emission displays, to electron sources in electron microscopes, X-ray sources, and microwave amplifiers. Edited by a pioneer in the field, each chapter is written by recognized experts in the respective fields.

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Группа авторов Computational Pharmaceutics

Molecular modeling techniques have been widely used in drug discovery fields for rational drug design and compound screening. Now these techniques are used to model or mimic the behavior of molecules, and help us study formulation at the molecular level. Computational pharmaceutics enables us to understand the mechanism of drug delivery, and to develop new drug delivery systems. The book discusses the modeling of different drug delivery systems, including cyclodextrins, solid dispersions, polymorphism prediction, dendrimer-based delivery systems, surfactant-based micelle, polymeric drug delivery systems, liposome, protein/peptide formulations, non-viral gene delivery systems, drug-protein binding, silica nanoparticles, carbon nanotube-based drug delivery systems, diamond nanoparticles and layered double hydroxides (LDHs) drug delivery systems. Although there are a number of existing books about rational drug design with molecular modeling techniques, these techniques still look mysterious and daunting for pharmaceutical scientists. This book fills the gap between pharmaceutics and molecular modeling, and presents a systematic and overall introduction to computational pharmaceutics. It covers all introductory, advanced and specialist levels. It provides a totally different perspective to pharmaceutical scientists, and will greatly facilitate the development of pharmaceutics. It also helps computational chemists to look for the important questions in the drug delivery field. This book is included in the Advances in Pharmaceutical Technology book series.

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Jens-Uwe Peters Polypharmacology in Drug Discovery

An essential outline of the main facets of polypharmacology in drug discovery research Extending drug discovery opportunities beyond the «one drug, one target» philosophy, a polypharmacological approach to the treatment of complex diseases is emerging as a hot topic in both industry and academic research. Polypharmacology in Drug Discovery presents an overview of the various facets of polypharmacology and how it can be applied as an innovative concept for developing medicines for treating bacterial infections, epilepsy, cancer, psychiatric disorders, and more. Filled with a collection of instructive case studies that reinforce the material and illuminate the subject, this practical guide: Covers the two-sided nature of polypharmacology—its contribution to adverse drug reactions and its benefit in certain therapeutic drug classes Addresses the important topic of polypharmacology in drug discovery, a subject that has not been thoroughly covered outside of scattered journal articles Overviews state-of-the-art approaches and developments to help readers understand concepts and issues related to polypharmacology Fosters interdisciplinary drug discovery research by embracing computational, synthetic, in vitro and in vivo pharmacological and clinical aspects of polypharmacology A clear road map for helping readers successfully navigate around the problems involved with promiscuous ligands and targets, Polypharmacology in Drug Discovery provides real examples, in-depth explanations and discussions, and detailed reviews and opinions to spark inspiration for new drug discovery projects.

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Yvonne Will Drug-Induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction

This is the definitive, one-stop resource on preclinical drug evaluation for potential mitochondrial toxicity, addressing the issue upfront in the drug development process. It discusses mitochondrial impairment to organs, skeletal muscle, and nervous systems and details methodologies used to assess mitochondria function. It covers both in vitro and in vivo methods for analysis and includes the latest models. This is the authoritative reference on drug-induced mitochondrial dysfunction for safety assessment professionals in the pharmaceutical industry and for pharmacologists and toxicologists in both drug and environmental health sciences.

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